Support MSN


We ask for your monetary support to continue the programs and services needed to improve the health and well-being of our seniors. Your donations will be much appreciated. You can mail your donations to our treasurer, Asiya Asif at 812 Canada Drive, Milpitas CA-95035.
Donations are tax-deductible; our non-profit Tax ID Number is 42-1732123.
We greatly appreciate your generous support!


People of all ages are invited to get involved and serve our common goal of bettering our community spirit! MSN offers many services to our homebound seniors. We are inviting our community to become an active partner to assist in fulfilling our commitments to our seniors. For more information about the volunteer opportunities listed below, contact email us!

Walking Partners

Volunteers will be provided names of seniors that are interested in a walking companion. You can choose a day and time you are free to accompany them.


MSN would like to expand its services to helping seniors who do not have transportation for doctor’s visits, shopping, etc.

Bus Service Advisers

Help seniors learn and understand bus routes, and how to use a bus — enabling them to use public transportation to fulfill their own needs.

Community Ambassador

We are also inviting volunteers to join our group and learn the existing resources. We encourage volunteers to complete a valuable 30-hour training program where they will learn about local services and how to access provider agencies. Volunteers will then become a trained resource for the community. In addition, there is a small stipend attached to completion of the 30-hour training program.